‘Corsair’ studded corset in black



Satin made corset with back lacing and lateral zipper for it’s easy wearing. Achieve the pretty figure of a corset, stay confortable in it. Elastic on the back for easier fitting!

We recommend wearing with ‘Corsair’ blouse underneath!



Bust: 78-85cm

Waist: 58-68cm


Bust: 83-93cm

Waist: 62-72cm


Bust: 88-98cm

Waist: 72-82cm


Bust: 93-103cm

Waist: 68-78cm


Bust: 98-108cm

Waist: 88-100cm


Bust: 103-113cm

Waist: 93-103cm


Bust: 108-118cm

Waist: 83-94cm


Bust: 112-118cm

Waist: 88-96cm


Bust: 118-125cm

Waist: 93-102cm