“Demon Knight” sport anime pants



Cotton based fabric sport pants with vinyl self designed panels inspired in the manga series “Kimetsu no Yaiba”

Oversized pattern makes them loose fit perfect for street and homewear.



Waist: 58-68cm

Hips: 75-85cm


Waist: 63-72cm

Hips: 80-90cm


Waist: 68-80cm

Hips: 86-96cm


Waist: 73-83cm

Hips: 91-98cm


Waist: 72-84cm

Hips: 98-106cm


Waist: 78-89cm

Hips: 102-108cm


Waist: 83-94cm

Hips: 108-115cm


Waist: 88-96cm

Hips: 113-118cm


Waist: 93-102cm

Hips: 118-126cm


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