Fairy Dust gingham black and white pleated skirt



The amazing gingham trend is back, and now with a pretty crossing in black lace that make it to the trend 2021 needed so much! Cottage core, kawaii and kfashion united in one skirt that suits a lot of styles, but we recommend it with fairy dust white shirt to make it to the top.

95% Cotton

5% Polyester



Waist: 58-68cm


Hips: 75-85cm




Waist: 63-72cm


Hips: 80-90cm




Waist: 68-80cm


Hips: 86-96cm




Waist: 73-83cm


Hips: 91-98cm




Waist: 72-84cm


Hips: 98-106cm




Waist: 78-89cm


Hips: 102-108cm




Waist: 83-94cm


Hips: 108-115cm




Waist: 88-96cm


Hips: 113-118cm




Waist: 93-102cm


Hips: 118-126cm