KARINA two color cleavage opened top in Black and Red



Stretchy and made from transpirant fabric (viscose and cotton).

Also available in gray and purple!


Bust: 80 cm

Waist: 65cm


Bust: 85cm

Waist: 70cm


Bust: 92cm

Waist: 75cm


Bust: 98cm

Waist: 85cm


Bust: 104cm

Waist: 85cm

Haeundae Bay is formed by various styles as girls you could find in the cultural, fun and summerish beach of heaundae. Take kfashion to a next level becoming one of the Haeundae girls: Bora loves showing off on Instagram and taking pictures by the seaside. Jiyoon is a lovely girl who loves hanging arround and recording some Tiktoks, Karina is a badass who just wants to do crime, while Ellise enjoys her time diving into her favourite books. Mina is a young lady who loves taking sweet cocktails in some fancy bar by the sea and Seunghee is an streamer girl who just rests from playing games rollerblading by the seaside.