Lavender field ribbon top



Made with bra filling, this bandeau style top and its beautiful lavender lilac tone is possibly your next to go buddy. Its adjustable straps make it easy to adjust it perfectly to your bust size. We recommend it to match with lavender field flared pants, as both have the same lilac gingham print and make it the perfect outfit to go out again this summer and live everything we couldn’t last year, make it worth it!!

80% polyester

20% cotton

Elastic on back to make it adjustable!



Bust: 78-85cm


Waist: 58-68cm




Bust: 83-93cm


Waist: 62-72cm




Bust: 88-98cm


Waist: 72-82cm




Bust: 93-103cm


Waist: 68-78cm




Bust: 98-108cm


Waist: 88-100cm




Bust: 103-113cm


Waist: 93-103cm




Bust: 108-118cm


Waist: 83-94cm




Bust: 112-118cm


Waist: 88-96cm




Bust: 118-125cm


Waist: 93-102cm