Design contest winner ’20 “Goth princess” alt witchy stretchy dress



    • Designed by Paula from Illes Balears, this is the winner of the 2nd Ribboinktober design contest.

Made on stretchy cotton based fabric, this set is built by two pieces: the jacket and the dress. The two pieces create an amazing cleavage effect only the best witches in town can pull off!

Size guide:
-Size XS: Chest 84cm Waist 64cm Hips 84
-Size S: Chest 88cm Waist 68cm Hips 88cm
-Size M: Chest 94cm Waist 74cm Hips 90cm
-Size L: Chest 99cm Waist 80cm Hips 96cm
-Size XL: Chest 104cm Waist 86cm Hips 112cm