Purple B*tch leather top



Black studed top made with vegan elastic leather. Adjustable strips and intimidating appearance ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Get full set to get up to a 10% total discount!

#BFF is that collection inspired by a japanese company that creates dreams for everyone, no matter their age or gender. This company is Sanrio and was founded in 1973 becoming one of the huge precursors of “kawaii” aesthetic. Just let your mind blend into the magical and colorful world of its characters to make your life a little bit of a magical and fun place. Sure you have a fave, who is it?



Bust: 78-85cm

Waist: 58-68cm


Bust: 83-93cm

Waist: 62-72cm


Bust: 88-98cm

Waist: 72-82cm


Bust: 93-103cm

Waist: 68-78cm


Bust: 98-108cm

Waist: 88-100cm


Bust: 103-113cm

Waist: 93-103cm


Bust: 108-118cm

Waist: 83-94cm


Bust: 112-118cm

Waist: 88-96cm


Bust: 118-125cm

Waist: 93-102cm