Ribbobasic set 2.0 in purple



Our n.1 best seller reinvented to new times of trips to y2k Seoul metropolis. Elastic on waist area and the cutest and our classic sailor collar. Available in 5 colors.

50% Cotton 50% Polyester


Bust: 78-85cm

Waist: 58-68cm

Hips: 75-85cm

Lenght: 40cm


Bust: 83-93cm

Waist: 63-72cm

Hips: 80-90cm

Lenght: 41cm


Bust: 88-98cm

Waist: 68-80cm

Hips: 86-96cm

Lenght: 42cm


Bust: 93-103cm

Waist: 73-83cm

Hips: 91-98cm

Lenght: 43cm


Bust: 98-108cm

Waist: 72-84cm

Hips: 98-106cm

Lenght: 44cm


Bust: 103-113cm

Waist: 78-89cm

Hips: 102-108cm

Lenght: 45cm


Bust: 108-118cm

Waist: 83-94cm

Hips: 108-115cm

Lenght: 46cm


Bust: 112-118cm

Waist: 88-96cm

Hips: 113-118cm

Lenght: 47cm


Bust: 118-125cm

Waist: 93-102cm

Hips: 118-126cm

Lenght: 48cm