Toffee and caramel Rilakkuma original print top



Topped with original japanese print Rilakkuma cotton fabric, this bandeau style top with adjustable straps will be your to go kawaii vest. Combine it with toffee and caramel skirt pants and get the best look!

Polyester 80%

Cotton 20%

Elastic on back to make it adjustable!



Bust: 78-85cm


Waist: 58-68cm




Bust: 83-93cm


Waist: 62-72cm




Bust: 88-98cm


Waist: 72-82cm




Bust: 93-103cm


Waist: 68-78cm




Bust: 98-108cm


Waist: 88-100cm




Bust: 103-113cm


Waist: 93-103cm




Bust: 108-118cm


Waist: 83-94cm




Bust: 112-118cm


Waist: 88-96cm




Bust: 118-125cm


Waist: 93-102cm