Toffee and caramel yellow skirt pant set



This skirt has a surprise in it: a pair of flared pants that me it super confortable for walking on your cottage walks. Get the assymetric look very popular in south korea and combine it with caramel and toffee top to get the best look!

100% Rayon



Waist: 58-68cm


Hips: 75-85cm




Waist: 63-72cm


Hips: 80-90cm




Waist: 68-80cm


Hips: 86-96cm




Waist: 73-83cm


Hips: 91-98cm




Waist: 72-84cm


Hips: 98-106cm




Waist: 78-89cm


Hips: 102-108cm




Waist: 83-94cm


Hips: 108-115cm




Waist: 88-96cm


Hips: 113-118cm




Waist: 93-102cm


Hips: 118-126cm