Wee Woo tartan elastic short skirt



Elastic and beautifully plated short pant skirt. Metal heart detail on leg to extra cuteness (regulable width through botton)

Tested and perfect for most body shapes and sizes.

Good morning, baddie gurl. How many hearts you gonna break today? Make it with the trendiest skirt made perfectly to let you kick those boys butt.




Waist: 58-68cm


Hips: 75-85cm




Waist: 63-72cm


Hips: 80-90cm




Waist: 68-80cm


Hips: 86-96cm




Waist: 73-83cm


Hips: 91-98cm




Waist: 72-84cm


Hips: 98-106cm




Waist: 78-89cm


Hips: 102-108cm




Waist: 83-94cm


Hips: 108-115cm




Waist: 88-96cm


Hips: 113-118cm




Waist: 93-102cm


Hips: 118-126cm

Inspired from kpop girl crush concept fashion and harajuku street fashion from
South korea and Japan. Made locally with improved quality on seams and materials, bringins a confortable piece of clothing perfect for daily wearing, night club life and performing on stage.