[Pre-order] TWICE CHEER UP Baseball jacket made to order


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This item is a preoder: It means you will have just until the 4th April for preordering it and it will be sent to you from that order. You will receive your unique jacket in mid-late april, perfect for spring! This jacket WON’T be made anymore after this preorder period.

SP: Este artículo es un preorder: Significa que tienes hasta el 4 de Abril para pre-ordenarla y te será enviará a partir de esa fecha. Recibirás tu chaqueta única a mitades de Abril, perfecto para la primavera! Esta chaqueta NO se fabricará más después del preorder, así que si la quieres es ahora o nunca!

Inspired in our fav 2016’s bop, Cheer Up from Twice. This is a lined jacket with soft fleece sleeves and iron patched logo.

Girls r complicated, right? Please don’t give up and cheer up baby!

Size guide:
-Size XS: Chest 84cm Waist 64cm Lenght 37,50 cm
-Size S: Chest 88cm Waist 68cm 38,50 cm
-Size M: Chest 94cm Waist 74cm 39,59 cm
-Size L: Chest 99cm Waist 80cm 41 cm
-Size XL: Chest 104cm Waist 86cm 42cm