Get It satin short pants




A must have in your kpop wardrobe: the satin waist height short pants for excellence. Tailored on waist, enhances your bottom part of the body and makes your legs look way longer. I swear these go well with EVERYTHING you put on with.

Tested and perfect for most body shapes and sizes.

Rocking your curves and your body, to let out your trully sexy colors <3

Waist: Up to 68cm
Hips: Up to 90cm
Waist: Up to 74cm
Hips: Up to 96cm
Waist: Up to 78cm
Hips: Up to 96cm
Waist: Up to 84cm
Hips: Up to 102cm

Inspired from kpop girl crush concept fashion and harajuku street fashion from South korea and Japan. Made locally with improved quality on seams and materials, bringins a confortable piece of clothing perfect for daily wearing, night club life and performing on stage.


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