RIBBO elastic heart short pants




Elastic and soft made elastic short pants. Perfect for achieving that incredible kpop waist and long legs to rock that random dance or urban choreography.

Waist: Up to 62cm
Hips: Up to 86cm
Waist: Up to 68cm
Hips: Up to 90cm
Waist: Up to 74cm
Hips: Up to 96cm
Waist: Up to 78cm
Hips: Up to 96cm
Waist: Up to 84cm
Hips: Up to 102cm

[REISSUE Options will take 5 more processing days, as we are remaking that size and model for you]

[Tailored made will take 10 more processing days, as we will make the pattern with your sizings. Please let us know your measurements when you make the order: At least Bust, Waist, Hip, Bust lenght, waist lenght, hip lenght and total lenght]


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